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A welcome video on your landing page website will motivate potential clients to pause, read your business profile and contact you.

Potential Clients Today will not take time to read text only. 

As a RESULT, if your message does not include visuals you will lose opportunities to get leads and connect with qualified and ready to sign clients to grow your client base.

Clients today, prefer to get their information from a video

So think outside the box. Add a video to your website.


Accountants today are getting caught up in the buzz and promised leads scam, and are spending big dollars on these internet offers, due to their Fear Of Losing Out.

However, these internet scams will not sell a client to contact you and sign-up for your accounting service.

So although social media marketing is highly promoted as the next big thing, accountants need to stay focused on the mission.  How to get new clients. This is all about selling you.

One of the true marketing tools for this job is videos. Video marketing is one of the best ways to get your message out and get potential clients calling you.

With your videos on YouTube, which is the most popular online video site and on your landing page website, you will be well positioned to bring a steady flow of potential client visitors to visit your landing page website.

So when you combine your landing page website presence on Google with a video on YouTube, you have created the formula that will allow you to stand out from the crowd on the internet and get found by potential clients looking for their next accountant.

A video on your website is the ideal tool for having a one-way conversation with clients that will drive them to visit your website for more information and take the next step, and contact you.

Your video can be a great door opener tool that you can include as a link in letters of introduction or as a follow us communication.  This way, potential clients receiving your letter get to click a link to your video and digest the content at their leisure.

This way, when you make the call or they call you back, you are like friends which will eliminate the first call jitters as well as the cold call fear of rejection.

The sad part of the client acquisition marketing by accountant is that most accountants haven’t yet caught on to the benefits of video marketing, so the opportunities for accountant with videos are great.

The good news, we can do it all for you.

From creating the video to setting up the YouTube channel with keywords to drive views.



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