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   Marketing your practice with a website and a video  

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Accountants today invest a huge amount of time in writing news letters and bogging as a way to reach into the client market to bring more new clients to find and retain their services.

However, we have become a visual world and people just haven’t got the time to read through large blog posts and news letters about accountants and accounting.

So the option for today's accountants is to have a website and add a video to give you clients an easy way to get to know you and your practice while putting yourself ahead of your competitors. 

Adding a video on your website profiling your accounting services gives your business a human face and enables customers to have a good understanding of who you are and how you can help them prior to picking up the phone to contacting you.


Ideas for Marketing your Practice 

       Why you need a website
   The Role of  Video Profiles
     Why Video Marketing

Compared with traditional print advertising, a video on your own website is a more cost effective way of getting the attention of potential clients.

Accountants usually make the mistake  of investing a lot on  expensive magazine and  newspaper advertising that are summarily ignored.

Video, on the other hand, is almost impossible to ignore.

when someone visits a website with a video, curiosity and the thirst for quick information will often lead them to play the video which is a powerful way to get your message out



There is no doubt that video is the fastest growing and best way to utilize online content marketing to build your client base.

Video allow you to integrate the articles you current write each month to establish your market presence to your clients as well as bond potential clients from some of the network associations you are currently a member of.

Many accountants write and submit articles to various associations and publishers and overlook the real client traffic opportunity of direct Coop content marketing.

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    Clients today, expect your firm to have a website             

If you do not have a website, you are effectively compromising the position of your firm in today’s increasingly competitive marketplace.

Keep in mind that your landing website will play a dynamic role in being an initial point of reference for new clients.

Statistically, the majority of potential clients looking for a new accountant turn to the internet for an initial starting point.

However, traditional online directories are simply a place to list your practice and hope to get found.

So the bottom-line benefit of having a website is that it provides an easy way for potential clients to find your practice or firm.


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