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Welcome to AccountantsWebs, a set of outsource client acquisition sales, marketing, and leads generating websites for accountants. 

These websites, connect accountants and bookkeepers with potential clients by going beyond search engines with direct marketing and social media advertising to bring clients from the small business  and trucking industry to find and retain the services of accountants listed in our directories.

This is a unique No-Cost sales, marketing and always on promotion system that reaches into the small business and trucking industry and bring clients looking for their next accountant or bookkeeper to find one in our directories..

This service will bring the accountants and bookkeepers listed, a steady flow of pre-qualified leads and referrals.


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We provide accountants with a unique back-office support  bookkeeping service for processing the bookkeeping information received from truckers and converting it into financial reports and GST-HST net-filing ready data and reports.   Read More►

This way accountants acquiring clients from the trucking industry will have the assurance that if they would prefer not to get bogged down with high volume document processing, they can outsource that to TruckersBooks Support.   

Visit our Find-A-Bookkeeper website for more information.

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We believe that for accountants to get their share of today's client market, they will have to utilize technology to boost their client acquisition sales by being able to connect with new clients online. 

That will include having a website that presents their company profile and services.

Small business owner managers and truckers today expect their accountant to have a website.

Our websites for accountants listed in our directories are designed to do just that.

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To enhance the value of our directory listing services to accountants, beginning in January 2014 the company will provide accountants in our directories with a professional marketing website at low cost.

These will be developed, hosted and managed including administrative management of changes to content as required by us.

These websites will include content marketing links to give visitors information about the accountant and the practice.

The links will include: a business profile of the accountant or the practice, news and articles written and contributed so as to utilize content marketing as well as a client referral link so their clients can refer more new clients to them.

These websites will further enhance the internet presence and visibility of the accountants and their practice and allow them to be found by more clients looking to retain their services.

In addition, for accountants wishing to further enhance their marketing message, we will be offering them the opportunity to have us include a video profile on their website. These video profiles will be developed by us in two formats.  One with music and graphics in the message to carry the message and one with with graphics and voice presentation of the accounting practice message.


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