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How our Client acquisition service works:  (A Quick Overview)

We created two searchable directories and two online directory listings of accountants listed in the directories.

Next we go into the small business and trucking industry with a free accountants finder and locator service for small business owner managers and truckers Findanaccountantnearyou, creating a centralized source for Owner managers to easily find the right accountant to provide the required services for their business.

Our service to the finding an accountant industry, is designed to relieve small business owner managers and truckers from having to search numerous online directories to try and find one located near their office or home base.

As a result of our unique client acquisition service and systems, we will bring a tremendous flow of potential clients to find the accountants in our directories, as well as deliver significant cost savings to the practice bottom-line by eliminating the need for these accountants to invest in expensive newspaper and magazines, plus numerous online directories that simply do not work. 

These paper and other static advertising is simply built around “HOPE”.  Advertising and hoping someone find your advertising and contact you. With Accountantswebs you will have a proactive client acquisition marketing and promotion system in place, that is not available anywhere.

In today’s fast paced business environment your potential clients are also pressed for time, so they will not spend time searching the web or the classified section of paper publications. They all want what they want fast and easy

So to get your share of the potential clients market, you must be taking your service to them. 

You must have a system in places that puts you and your practice in front of the potential clients and it must be easy for them to make contact.

AccountantsWebs client acquisition service for accountant does what the market requires. 

We reach into the industry and bring client to find your practice or firm and make it easy for them to contact you.

We further make it easy for potential clients to contact you with our accountants search service.

When an owner manager come to our site looking to find and retain the services of an accountant, we make it easy plus give them no brainer alternatives:

They can check the directory listing page to see if an accountant located near their office or home base is listed there.

If they identify one on the list located close to their office or home base, they simply click the accountant link which takes them to the accountants details and contact information.

Details include:

  • Contact information

  • Company profile

  • Link to the accountants website

  • If the accountant listing includes a video profile, they get to click the link to play the video.

If no accountant was found in the directory listing, they get to click the searchable database link to go to the database and search for an accountant by entering their home-base province or state and city.  (Canada/USA)

If no accountant was found conveniently located near their office or home base and/or they are pressed for time, they simply fill out the Request an Accountant form to have us find them an accountant.

Our goal for the Free Search service is to find them an accountant to make contact within two business days.

The big challenge we have currently is not having enough accountants in our database rolodex to make contact with potential clients within the time promised in our thank you note to the potential client once they submit their request for an accountant.

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